my lavender blues

I am a midwest based (east coast raised) photographer + food and prop stylist as well as the creator of My Lavender Blues LLC. I share a love for recipe development as well as both food and lifestyle photography. Spent an entire summer traveling to County Fairs // Demolition Derby's and have the weight and dirty pores to prove it.

meet Julia Calleo


dog mom + county fair fish mom. i'd probably adopt you as well if i could. 

i'm a mom


i spent my time between new jersey & japan growing up and abuse both bagels & miso in my kitchen.

I lived in japan


gluten free, high-carb, ketogenic, south beach, paleo, werewolf, , pescatarian, presbyterian,  five-bite, babyfood, cotton ball, breatharian, only sugar. i practice them all, together, at the same time usually on the same plate.

i believe in all diets



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