my lavender blues


just got home from a crazy wild portfolio review trip in the middle-of-nowhere, Montana. So pardon my MIA. Weeks of preparation leading up to the big trip followed by a weekend of trying to prepare an empty home for a Sunday party, life has been anything but quiet. But more on that trip and some […]

Everything Peppered Maple Bacon


i currently could work up a sweat while bowling. that’s how out of shape i am. or feel. i get winded just from breathing alone. what amazes me most is that i have consistently worked out five days a week for the last few years or so (before that my version of working out was […]

Low Carb + Gluten Free Egg & Ham Breakfast Casserole


    Guys. HAPPY Turkey Day! I’ll be spending my day at P-masta flex’s home with David and we are suuuuper excited. I also have five days to myself with the baby-child which has added an extra pep to my step (and also bracing myself for 10 thousand tantrums, because… toddlers and tantrums are a […]

Breakfast of Champs // Gluten Free Maple Pumpkin Pancakes (Simple)