my lavender blues


So apparently my literal worst nightmare has actually come to life here in the beautiful city of St. Louis. Clowning. Scary “Clowning”. The movie “It” in real life form. Someone please end my life right now. Why. why. why. why. I’d absolutely crap myself if I came into contact with any of these emotionally screwed bozos. […]

Protein + Fiber Breakfast Pumpkin Muffins with a Maple Coconut Cream Frosting (gluten + dairy free)


It’s the first day of fall here in the confused state of Missouri and I am legit sweating through my clothing (what else is new) as I was a little aggressive getting dressed in my fall gear (aka jeans and a longer shirt to replace my usual short sleeve) in hopes that the weather man (who […]

Simple Cinnamon Pear Sauce & Sliced Pear Tart