my lavender blues


      Santa…… and just like that….. He gone. that was…… fast. no wonder why i get super yucky post holidays. the build up is epic and then the climax is meh. and the falling action is filled with gorging your face with unhealthies followed by a resolution that is basically set up for […]

((Healthy)) Tangy Butter Chicken Curry (Murgh Makhani)


    This month we are in the midst of christmas prep madness, funnakkah and universal new years eve celebrations. Talk about cramming it all in. What da ell man. No wonder why end of January and pretty much all of February is severely depressing. Unless you live somewhere warm. You win. But the middle […]

Miso Braised Short Ribs with Pear


    helloooo hi there. how are things? i once was an existing human on this site, but now it seems….. that i’ve stopped cold turkey. but trust me this hiatus was totally unwanted and completely unexpected. why you ask!? or maybe you don’t ask, but i’m going to share with you anyways…… my appendix […]

Twice Baked Butternut Squash Boats with Ham & Leeks