my lavender blues


  Is that a popsicle in your hand or are you just happy to see me? I know, that is not how the saying goes, like at all, but as a female that whole popsicle in pants would 100 percent not work and the latter is just so much more realistic. Okay maybe it wouldn’t […]

Mango Avocado Lassi Breakfast Pops

My Lavender Blues


Ugh sometimes I am just the WORST. And recently the worst being my time management. But me and the baby child have been super under the weather.  In which case, time literally moves at a snails pace. Actually my pace is more comparable to a slug being drowned in salt. I know, horrifying image, but […]

Breakfast Salad w/ Avocado & Cilantro Green Goddess Dressing


    Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and that you stuffed yourself silly. And if you didn’t, I did for you.  I gained the Turkey Ten. I haven’t exactly weighed myself to check, but I think the fact that I actually popped a button when doing the “pants dance” (extreme lunges and squats) after pulling […]

Sweet n Creamy Avocado Smoothie


          Breakfast was going really well until this happened…………     The teeniest speck of avocado mash got on his finger and shhhhh hit the fan…..   Game. Over. Sunday morning made “easy”. With the stress of, well, life, along with Thanksgiving being only days away (and seven pies that need […]

Avocado Mash, Bacon Bits & Shaped Eggs