my lavender blues


Pavlova cake aka stacks of meringue layered with whipped cream, blueberry lemon compote and fresh fruit. aka enough said.  I had actually intended on making this layered cloud of sensory perfection for my sister only to have eaten half of it before she could even get her hands on it. I’m basically a child when […]

Layered Pavlova Cake with Lemon Blueberry Compote


February, the cantaloupe of the months. The very thought of this month finally coming close to it’s ending date literally brings tears of joy to my look-sees.  Another exciting factoid: grill “season” is basically here (For those of you who are going to get all high and mighty telling me that grill season is all year […]

Juicy Beer Can Chicken


  So first off, perhaps a little delayed, but I would like to welcome you with open arms to one of my favorite times of the year, the “February Drop-off”. Here Here! And if you haven’t made that giant leap to the dark side, do it, I dare you. Welcome to a life filled with […]

Asian BBQ Pulled Chicken Gua Bao