my lavender blues


I have a good 10000 crumbs currently driving me crazy in my bed sheets right now. Like I really need another reminder on why my pants dance has upgraded to Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller” video.  So shake the sheets out you say? I did. But popcorn crumbs are like stage 5 clingers. The dingleberries of the snack group, […]

Soft Boiled Egg in a Cheddar Biscuit


If only my mornings were as storybook as the pictures shown. In. My. Dreams. But then that’s what taking pictures are for…. right? Capturing our “castle in the air” and turning it into reality, or in this case just a staged moment in time. When I close my eyes and think of a biscotti, I imagine a […]

No Stress Honey & Lavender Biscotti