my lavender blues


9 days into dry January  and i feel like the very hungry caterpillar. “on day one of sobriety she ate through one slice of cake, on day two she eat through two large pizza pies, on day three she ate through three double cheeseburgers” so on and so fourth. At this rate I’m not sure […]

Chicken, Vegetables and Dumplings


  Last weekend, Amanda w/ Feed Me with Amanda (a local blogger) invited me into her home (by invited I mean, I asked to come over) and shared a recipe favorite of hers, scones. And let me tell you, this girl does not mess around. We had a work station for three different types of […]

Feta & Onion Herbed Scone ++ A Dash of Sweetness


I once had a food blog prior to this one. It actually was being read. And commented on. And featured on some others websites. And occasional “desserts you should try” articles. No awards, it was only “live” for six months. I started the blog as a distraction for the troubles I was facing in my […]

Southern Buttermilk Drop Biscuits