my lavender blues


i’ve really been into eating multiple breakfasts these days. with a full dose of remorse come breakfast numero three. i don’t fully understand WHY i do that to myself. i think it’s actually because my bellyache doesn’t come around until three hours later – post consumptions. which is total poo, my brain & stomach have […]

White Chocolate Creme Fraiche ‘Puddin-Cotta’ with Brandied Blackberry Sauce

My Lavender Blues


Go home Jack Frost, nobody likes you. At least nobody normal likes you. The only thing you did for me was cause a forced night to stay in and drink copious amounts of wine and eat far too many slices of ‘za.¬†And then instead of going to the gym the next day like I SHOULD […]

Homemade Yogurt & Spiced Blackberry Compote