my lavender blues


And just like that 2016: It’s funny how we all (well the majority) of us anxiously wait for this day to come to finally start making healthier choices. Or maybe more messed up. But whatever does the trick I guess, amiright? I definitely fall victim to that as I literally made sure to eat like […]

Mini Sausage & Quinoa Breakfast Power Bowl


Does anyone else feel that Christmas is very un-christmassy this year because it falls on the weekend? For holiday purposes, it just doesn’t feel as special falling on a Sunday. It also has really messed up my weekend before Holiday shopping, as I usually reserve the Saturday & Sunday before Christmas to get this done. […]

Healthy Roasted Golden Beet & Sausage Bowl (GF)


This bowl is everything I am wanting to be on this Sunday evening, drunken//drunk. Keyword, wanting. Meaning, I am very much not, but it would be a lot cooler if i was (actually probably not at all). According to my google skillz, rumor has it that Drunken Noodles¬†were¬†named after someone who drunkingly stumbled home and […]

Sichuan Drunken Noodle Bowl