my lavender blues


Apparently Easter is right around the corner, and apparently I am hosting. And apparently I knew all about this and so the fact that I am going to have to cram spring cleaning into such a short window (I refuse to clean during the weekdays, there isn’t enough time to waste after work) means i […]

Asparagus + Broccolini + Sausage Pizza // Nordic Pizza Dough


I’m tired. I’m so tired that I’ve accidentally kicked my clicker under the couch and am ‘stuck’ watching the Kardashians marathon that is slowly turning my brain in to overcooked pasghetti.  What you don’t know is that I love overcooked pasghetti, so bring it. Urrrrrrrr #sorrynotsorry Lately I’ve had a thing for whiskey in my […]

Apple Pork with Fig Jam & Roasted Vegetables over Farro