my lavender blues


Holy Heck it’s been a little while. And I HATE that. But you know what I hate more? My Christmas tree that literally was smacked with a pry-mantis plague the two days that I was out of town for work andddddddddd I basically pooped my pants upon discovery. Like. Are you kidding me…………….. Hashtag: #notblessed […]

Flank N Berries // Balsamic & Soy Flank Steak with Cranberry Reduction


  I just would like to point out the fact that even though there is both “healthy” & “mini” in the title of this recipe, it does not give you the right of passage to consume the entire meal in one day. I almost feel like I deserve food poisoning at this point due to […]

Healthy Mini Crab Cake Sliders with a Citrus Slaw