my lavender blues


This month has been complete torture not being able to bake anything. Seriously. I have been trying to lay off the baked goods as 99 percent of my pants aren’t fitting and homegirl does not have a cash flow to replace the old pantalones. But since the Super Bowl is basically¬†a holiday I figured I […]

Ricotta & Mascarpone Cannoli Dip


¬† IF you follow me on instagram you already know that this recipe was completely stumbled upon / on accident. I mean, not totally on accident, as I literally had no bread, oatmeal or cereal in the pantry when it came time for my son to eat breakfast, and I knew the only thing I […]

The Fluffiest Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Lavender


Have I had german pancakes before? Sure I have. But I must admit, they were nothing until made in a cast iron skillet…. NO this post is by no means sponsored and I’m posting this AFTER they announced the winner of their “Dutch Baby” contest they have going on, so this is purely from the […]

Chocolate Chip German Pancakes