my lavender blues


Monday Feels: “Lay off me I’m starving. (Diet starts Monday).” But does it really? No. No definitely not. And if it does, the wise decisions start to go downhill shortly after my first cup of coffee, because well, it’s Monday. And this particular Monday has followed an emotional week, so it’s really in for a good […]

Warrior Loaf // Sausage, Leeks & Chestnut Stuffed Puff Pastry


Holy Heart Failure, Batman! What a week, woo wee. You can say that ten times fast, but actually you can, this is one of those sayings that it is physically possible. And I wanted to cut you all a break. With emotions running at an all time HIGH, I don’t care who you were voting for, […]

Butternut Squash, Tahini & Chestnut Puree


Politics, shmolitics. Elephant in the room here. Tomorrow is election day and I think the “Dooms Day Preppers” are going to be having the last laugh. Any which way you spin it, it’s a total crap shoot and just like this recipe, Americas nuts are going to be up for roasting no matter the ending […]

Buttery Roasted Chestnuts // The Basics to Home Roasted Chestnuts