my lavender blues


WHAT A YEAR we have had. I am incredibly grateful the “new year new me” garbage that was filling up my social media is finally starting to dissipate. Or the “i must say, this year has been the best year ever” BS that some people put out there. Like…. WAS 2020 REALLY YOUR BEST YEAR […]

Spicy Tomato & Egg Drop Soup Rice Bowls


Holy Man Colds. If i’ve ever accused any male of having one, my most sincere apologies as I’ve been fighting one myself for the last thirty days and if you didn’t actually know me you would think that I had contracted the plague due to my inability to function on a simple sneeze and cough. […]

Roasted Potato and Garlic Spinach Salad


    Why is it at the end of the day, that whenever I know I have a mouth watering home cooked meal in the fridge leftover from a morning slaving away in the kitchen, I end up sitting down with a big glass of wine and a big ol’ bowl of popcorn. If it makes […]

Wine & Honey Braised Short Ribs