my lavender blues


Real Talk: Life isn’t always at it appears in pictures. Or your interpretation of one may very well be the exact opposite of what is actually going on in reality. Like my food photography. I try and capture the beauty in a small 2′ x 3′ area and the rest is a complete crap show. […]

Gluten Free + Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Tartlets


i’ve really been into eating multiple breakfasts these days. with a full dose of remorse come breakfast numero three. i don’t fully understand WHY i do that to myself. i think it’s actually because my bellyache doesn’t come around until three hours later – post consumptions. which is total poo, my brain & stomach have […]

White Chocolate Creme Fraiche ‘Puddin-Cotta’ with Brandied Blackberry Sauce

My Lavender Blues


I am literally melting right now. It’s 100 degrees in June, IN THE MIDWEST, which is always in a constipated state when it comes to a cool breeze that those on either coast get to experience. We have zero relief. And if any wind from the Mississippi blows in your direction, you hold your breath […]

Broiled Peaches n Cream


Go home Jack Frost, nobody likes you. At least nobody normal likes you. The only thing you did for me was cause a forced night to stay in and drink copious amounts of wine and eat far too many slices of ‘za.¬†And then instead of going to the gym the next day like I SHOULD […]

Homemade Yogurt & Spiced Blackberry Compote