my lavender blues


Gosh Darn, it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted…. but what better to post than boozy ice cream. I mean….. amiright? or amiright? okay okay, I skipped the booze because I have a child and would like to avoid child services, but tomato potato, whatever you prefer. But this post is still boozy ice […]

Boozy Horchata Ice Cream


You guys! Hi hi hi. I missed you all. But I’ve been busy. Which is no excuse. However if you follow me on instagram you’ve been keeping up on all the new… news. For instance. A house! That I get to fix up! And paint (the worst). But there is a new studio set up […]

Hasselback Philly Cheddar Cheesesteak


Much similar to the last time I was sick (read here) my inner hypochondriac decided to show face this weekend when body chills followed by aches and pains (mostly stomach pains because I tried convincing myself I was not hungry) decided to invade my personal space and leave me bedridden while I anxiously awaited for […]

Blueberry & Goat Cheese Watermelon Pizza