my lavender blues


  So I  bought a ‘dial’ scale the other day and literally I’m a terrible person. I’ve purposely set the dial to start in the negative pound range, so now when I step on the scale I am exactly 7 pounds lighter, always. The best part about this? Some mornings I totally forget what I’ve […]

Olive Oil Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Bacon Caramel Glaze


  I’m officially walking around the apartment with a tampon stuck up each nostril as allergies are literally taking over my current state of well-being.  *Double heel clicks for spring* But despite the ruby raw skin stache I’m developing above my upper lip due to constant blowing (hence tampons up the nose) I’m really really really excited for […]

Smoked Leg of Lamb & Roasted Brussels Sprouts


I have a good 10000 crumbs currently driving me crazy in my bed sheets right now. Like I really need another reminder on why my pants dance has upgraded to Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller” video.  So shake the sheets out you say? I did. But popcorn crumbs are like stage 5 clingers. The dingleberries of the snack group, […]

Soft Boiled Egg in a Cheddar Biscuit