my lavender blues


OKAY. THE PICTURES AREN’T SEASONAL. I get it. Ya win some ya lose some. Unless you’re on a homestead or incredibly devoted to your local farmers markets, or a modern day Martha Stewart amidst pandemic  and have a perfectly timed greenhouse then…… you’re shit out of luck if you’re looking at the photos for recipe […]

Pan Fried Shrimp, Garlicky Seasonal Vegetables and Farro Bowl


  Last weekend, Amanda w/ Feed Me with Amanda (a local blogger) invited me into her home (by invited I mean, I asked to come over) and shared a recipe favorite of hers, scones. And let me tell you, this girl does not mess around. We had a work station for three different types of […]

Feta & Onion Herbed Scone ++ A Dash of Sweetness