my lavender blues


Welp, I guess I’ll be focusing on the commercials + food this years Super Bowl. But then, who am I kidding. Have I ever focused on anything else? I think not. Unless my Giants were playing. Then I would maybe pay 1 percent more attention than what I already do. discount double check The literal only […]

Easy Oven Baked Falafel Burger


I’ve got a thing for ‘taters. More specifically tots.  And I also really love this scene in Napoleon Dynamite, which I am pretty sure increased tater tot sales by…. oh I don’t know…. 500000 percent. Or more. Definitely more. And if that left you numb, then I’m #sorrynotsorry. But I also love hasselback potatoes. They […]

Greek Loaded Hasseltots


  I was in love with a man once, until he showed up on The Voice wearing jeans that were tighter than mine, and that is saying a lot being the fact that I’m a chubbier than usual self.  The man you ask? Sam Hunt. I know. So terrible. But, my eyes just can’t help […]

Delicious & Healthy Mediterranean Salad with Chicken