my lavender blues


You guys! Hi hi hi. I missed you all. But I’ve been busy. Which is no excuse. However if you follow me on instagram you’ve been keeping up on all the new… news. For instance. A house! That I get to fix up! And paint (the worst). But there is a new studio set up […]

Hasselback Philly Cheddar Cheesesteak


I’ve got a thing for ‘taters. More specifically tots.  And I also really love this scene in Napoleon Dynamite, which I am pretty sure increased tater tot sales by…. oh I don’t know…. 500000 percent. Or more. Definitely more. And if that left you numb, then I’m #sorrynotsorry. But I also love hasselback potatoes. They […]

Greek Loaded Hasseltots


Every day I’m hassling. No, seriously, I am. Sweet potato hasselbacks are literally exploding in my kitchen. I made so damn much that I have enough to last me a life time. My freezer looks as though I’m a doomsday prepper. That or just another mid westerner preparing for the next twister to lift me off […]

Healthy Carnitas Stuffed Sweet Potato Hasselbacks