my lavender blues


        I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to traditional “Cajun” cuisine. You would think it would be more of a love/love due to the very fact that I go weak at the knees for some good heat and well seasoned food. But there’s something, I just can’t put my finger on […]

Chumbo // Chili Gumbo (Turkey Leftovers)


The fact that Scandal is about to come to an end is really cramping my style, along with my mood. Last time this happened I avoided watching the last episode for three months because I couldn’t stand the thought of it being over. What is wrong with me? Probably a lot. The only thing that […]

Holiday Leftover Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Italian Sausage Pizza


In the mean time I spend 99 percent of my evenings at home with a home cooked meal. Girls gotta save. Also my son is currently in a “throwing food” stage. I rather avoid hitting the nice lady sitting next to me. And I obviously love to eat at home, or why the hell else would […]

Penne with Leftover Beef & Arugula