my lavender blues


In my past (which actually is beginning to feel like more of a past life than just a couple of years ago), I normally would have done high kicks to hear the overly aggressive Light FM stations blasting their X-Mas music pre- Thanksgiving. But yesterday, that damn Hippotomas song popped on as I was scrolling through […]

Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Ham Bake


I can’t tell if the title of this post is drool-worthy or incredibly unappetizing. But I can tell you that the actual outcome is prettaaaay…… bomb 😉 Also – lets address the elephant in the room here. it’s been A WEEK since I last posted anything on the blog. Like. what!? I wish I had some […]

Curried Meatloaf Onion Bombs


I love that God gave us four seasons. I also love that each season holds a different place in my heart. Fall taking up the majority of its space, but the others take their place at some point in time. There is something about crisp fallen leaves on the ground, the crunchy sound they make […]

Easy and Healthy Butternut Squash, Pear and Red Onion Soup