my lavender blues


I’ve been anxiously waiting to post this recipe, and was planning on holding on to it for Friday but it’s just too good NOT to share with you right meow. I wouldn’t feel right as I’m on my third day of making this for dinner and I plan on making it again this weekend. I really […]

Pork Vietnamese Style Sandwich (Banh Mi)


Meatballs can be moist AND healthy!? Well. Sorta. These aren’t like….. super duper going to lose a bazillion pounds healthy. But they are, you know, on the healthier side……  They are also mini so your eyes will make you feel like you’re eating a ton more as oppose to one and feeling lonely.  I’m about […]

Mini Healthier Italian Meatball Skewers (Kebobs)


Until recently fresh figs to me were the forbidden fruit. I could go to a restaurant and see them on the menu and instantly want all of it. And i always wanted more. But for some reason I never thought that I could actually purchase the fruit myself and use it for my own personal […]

Sliced Pork and Fresh Fig Salad with Goat cheese