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August 27, 2019

Fairs, Derby’s and Dirt, Oh my.


To be quite honest, I think the title of this post is uncomfortably corny even for my liking, but, the more i brainstorm, the more i get turned off from posting all together. so here we are.

if anyone was following along my stories on social media this summer (instagram, probably the only one i keep up with) then you probably thought i was some crazy faired lunatic that spent every second of my day eating funnel cake and watching cars smash into each other.

and guess what, you’re almost right. and as weird as you might think i am right now, i fully enjoyed every. single. minute. (my partner in crime would probably say otherwise because there was one fair in particular i was insanely cranky at but we are going to just let that one go)……

anywho what i found was that the fairs are filled with beautiful humans who look forward to getting their fill of carnival rides, fried corn dogs and expensive games that win you plastic prizes (or in my case, fish that lived for less than half a day). All leading to the last day of the fair ending with the grand finaleĀ  smashhhhhh.

The Demolition Derby.


it. was. incredible. i kid you not. raw, gritty, dirty, fearless, so much bad assery in one small mud pit filled arena that caused a total sensory overload. and i’d do it all over again. and i probably will.

i’m not going to get into the history of county fairs, or demolition derby’s (right now) as i’ll save that research for when i’m retired (40 years)? seems like that gives me a decent window to work with. But i just wanted to give a little back story (or basically i gave no story, just wanted to tell you briefly what i did) for my social media stories.

So check out my portfolio page and view ALL of the images there (like, there’s a LOT more, so if you’re into how my weird brain operates, go there).


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