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October 4, 2022

Kitchen Favorites

Juice Presser

The Juice Presser is something I’ve been using at least 3 times a week (so its been tested over and over again) and is a huge favorite in my kitchen right now. From almond milk, to carrot/ginger shots to celery lemon juice. I use this often and it also allowed me to NOT purchase a juicer, but use my vitamix (linked next) and then press it easily into juice. I’ve tried a juicer a million times and I just don’t have the counter space for another gadget in my kitchen.

Vitamix Blender

So this isn’t the exact one I bought.. but I have had my vitamix for… get ready…. over 10 years and is an absolute staple in my kitchen. First off its a workhorse and can truly handle anything (which includes my dog destroying the lid during his teething face, which I have yet to replace). Right now its mostly being used for juice/nut milk & soups! It’s big, but it works. I’ve gone through plenty of cheap blenders and this one just works.



Smoothie Blender

Now I know, I have a vitamix blender so why wouldn’t I just use that for smoothies as well? Because i’m solo here and this is really easy to leave out on my countertop every morning. It also helps me portion my smoothies so I’m not making a smoothie for four every morning. The key is ease in my book, and this serves it’s purpose that’s for sure.


Juice/Nut Milk Jars

Okay, Aesthetics mean a lot (to me) in my kitchen. It forces my hand to keep a fresh betch of juice + nut milk in my fridge weekly. I actually take pride in making my own and knowing that it will look pretty is just another drive for me. Also it photographs rull nice!


Stand Mixer

So I know, it isn’t the other mixer. I shall not name it 😉 But this mixer has been in my life for about five years now and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s also really attractive and sits on my countertop all year round. I love the way it kneads dough compared to other stand mixers and so this is why it’s a win in my book! Plus their attachments rock.



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