my lavender blues


  the simple joys of parenting and potty training yes my three year old boy is still in diapers and literally it’s not because he doesn’t know how to use the potty. he does. he’s incredibly capable. i’ve seen him do it. and whenever he is around kids his own age he literally rolls his […]

Fall Apple & Sage Meatloaf


Approaching my thirties and i keep having to tell myself that age ain’t nothin’ but a number. OR so they say….. But I’m pretty sure anyone under the ripe age of 24 says that, when they have yet to experience a hangover that lingers on for days, forehead wrinkles, and a spare tire that is […]

Fall Apples & Roasted Grape & Cauli Salad

My Lavender Blues


It’s officially cold here in the Midwest (though Missouri is definitely more Mideast, whatever, much like their drivers, these midwesterners are in a constant state of confusion). Seriously. And this is coming from a terrible driver. Which people so kindly love to express their concerns to me while I’m in the drivers seat (apparently I’m […]

Upside Down Apple Dutch Baby Pancake


I would like to start off by saying who ever felt like there should be zero disclaimer on homemade masks clearly never made a homemade mask before. And if there are disclaimers I am just an idiot who chose not to read them. Can we discuss ground ginger + ground tumeric literally is a face […]

Chicken Sausage + Broccoli Rabe with Fauxghetti Noodles


  If you’re anything like me, you have invited family and friends over to celebrate you being a terrible introvert and realized that ringing in the New Year completely solo might not be the best thing for both you and your liver. Kidding, If you are anything like me then you will just think about how […]

Simple Poached Pears Drizzled in Dark Chocolate


    Has a movie ever enraptured you so much that you feel like you’ve actually been there? Or you can physically picture yourself as a character in the film? I have a movie that does that to me almost every time and I swear it leaves me on cloud nine for a couple of […]

Tandoori Chicken Tuscan Kale Salad