my lavender blues


i’ve really been into eating multiple breakfasts these days. with a full dose of remorse come breakfast numero three. i don’t fully understand WHY i do that to myself. i think it’s actually because my bellyache doesn’t come around until three hours later – post consumptions. which is total poo, my brain & stomach have […]

White Chocolate Creme Fraiche ‘Puddin-Cotta’ with Brandied Blackberry Sauce

My Lavender Blues


I sunbathed today. Yes. It was glorious. And it was only an hour, because it was during work lunch and because I didn’t want to turn into a total raisin. Homegirl is going to be 30 this year. Gotta start ironing out the wrinks before my pruning becomes permanent. Any who. I’m trying to be less lame […]

Zoodles with Clams in a Spicy Coconut Milk & Black Garlic Sauce


As I was binge watching some stand up with my coffee, as I do most mornings to start the day off right, Louis CK really pulled on a couple of my heart strings. (yes I realize that this isn’t always the norm, most start with a giant dose of depressing reality of current events, whereas I prefer a […]

Zucchini & Turkey Coconut Milk Alfredo Bake


“That’s one small step for  (wo)man, and one giant leap for mankind”  My feelings exactly after successfully steaming my first lobster on my own and not having a total water works fiesta and drowning myself in complete remorse.  I’m definitely one of those “ignorance is bliss” type of people when it comes to my food […]

Butter & Coconut Milk Lobster Rolls