my lavender blues


Oh hi there. Welcome to my not so studio, studio. At home. Where I have attempted to organize my life in this room just for your eyes. Don’t let the cleanliness fool you. I’m currently stepping on a mound of acorns because my son decided to make himself “coffee”. And acorns just happened to be […]

My Not So Studio, Studio & EASY Flawless Iced Coffee

My Lavender Blues


  As the holidays draw near my heart begins to hurt a little more knowing what lies ahead, or more accurately, not knowing what lies ahead and what is to come with my broken family. My heart hurts not because of romantic heartache, but for wanting the joy and happiness again that this season is supposed to […]

Easy Homemade Marshmallows (No Corn Syrup) & Hot Coco Mix


  Hold. the. phone. Tis the season to be noggin’. Yes, we officially have reached November which is a kick off to patchy facial hair on a majority of the males out there along with any and ALL holiday baking, cooking and of course, fancy shmancy cocktails. Now not only do you have the option […]

Easy Vegan Chai Nog (Guilt Free)