my lavender blues

July 21, 2017

My Not So Studio, Studio & EASY Flawless Iced Coffee

My Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender Blues

Oh hi there.

Welcome to my not so studio, studio. At home. Where I have attempted to organize my life in this room just for your eyes. Don’t let the cleanliness fool you. I’m currently stepping on a mound of acorns because my son decided to make himself “coffee”. And acorns just happened to be his one and only ingredient. And I just happen to have a giant bin of them for a shoot I did last year. and now am regretting not throwing them away. But am almost questioning the amount of coffee I drink since that is my sons current beverage of choice. But totally not regretting it because this iced coffee is ridiculously good and I’ve found a way to make it ridiculously easy. and flawless. because. when is it not…. ?

The key for coffee made easy? I like to use my nespresso machine. I use the Gourmesso coffee capsules because they just happen to be my brand of choice and iced coffee is what i currently need due to the heat wave of death we are experiencing in the midwest. So heres what you do: before bed, fill a couple of ice cube molds (I did four) with coffee and then fill several molds with milk (unless you prefer your coffee black, ya weirdo). Let freeze overnight. And then in the morning make yourself a cup of coffee as per usual, add  one-two regular ice cubes, then dig out a couple of  iced coffee cubes & milk cubes, add them to your cup and VOILA. You’ve got yourself a giant cup of iced coffee, made in seconds, that stays super cold and never tastes watery. And if you really want to speed up your entire morning try this iced cup of coffee with these on the go vegan breakfast ice cream bars. You’re basically battling the sweat storm with sweet yummies. A battle worth fighting for.


My Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender Blues

Anywho, this room has been a work in progress since I’ve moved in, but mostly because I tried shooting in every single room in my condo since i work off of natural light, and this room showed the least disappointment. I gathered most of my inspiration from my favorite duo at Jersey Ice Cream Co. Their work is so inspiring! Half of the furniture that you see in this room has been refurbished, and the other half bought for really stinking cheap (lamp: clearance @ Target, chair: floor sale @ west elm, prop shelf @ ikea (stained by my mamacita) and linen basket @ home goods). Anywho, nothing fancy here so sit back, grab yoself an iced cup of jo, take one deep breath, and then the tour will be over. Because the room is super small. *yay*

My Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender BluesMy Lavender Blues

** I actually shoot with a nikon, but needed a “stand in” camera while I took the picture so the tripod wasn’t naked.

And that’s all folks. For now 😉

My Lavender Blues

quit looking at me smalls


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Iced Coffee On The Go Hack
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 cups coffee
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup water
  1. First what you'll need to do is brew one cup of coffee.
  2. Once coffee has finished brewing add evenly into ice cube molds.
  3. Next divide milk into ice cube molds.
  4. Divide water into ice cube mold.
  5. Let freeze overnight.
  6. The next day when ready to have your fresh pot of cold brew, brew yourself 3 cups of coffee.
  7. Pour into a tall glass filled with two water ice cubes.
  8. Next add 2-4 coffee ice cubes.
  9. Add 1-2 milk ice cubes.
  10. ENJOY.





  1. Megan says:

    Last pic is priceless, miss ya!

  2. Melody says:

    Your office is so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing your space. Would you ever do more in detail of how to set up and shoot with your camera? Just curious, love your photos!

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