my lavender blues


Holy Death Bed. As per my usual flu scandals, I  am planning out my funeral. I swear every time I get sick (or in this case invaded by a plague) I just count my blessings, ask for forgiveness where need be (um, Life) and pray that the good Lord will just take me out of […]

Crispy Oven Baked Bacon Skinned Atomic Wings


Being that I live in St. Louis I basically had zero reminder that football season has arrived ! (also before I begin to even speak another sentence, lets share a mc-adoodle-doo moment of the noisiest silence EVER for the Giants defeat over the Girlboys…. wahooooo) Moving on. Football season, which basically means it is indeed time to whip […]

Poached Meatball Parm Casserole


  Tis the season for tight ends, great beer & kick ass weekend munchies. I’ve always been a huge fan of football season. I also was raised by a die-hard football fan – once college football assistant coach – father, receiving a new college tee every single weekend as well as a Super Bowl sweatshirt […]

Game Day Apple Glazed Baked Chicken Wings