my lavender blues


      guys, on my last post i talked about how i was the queen of present procrastination. I am not sure if writing about my procrastination somehow solved my problem completely BUT YOU GUYS. I did it. I really honestly truly did it. I bought ALL of Davids Christmas gifts ON TIME AND […]

Ghee & Spiced Roasted Crispy Potato Bites


If you get into a slap fight with a wasp, chances are you’ll probably lose. Common knowledge, right? Apparently a little too common for my pea sized cranium. He was an angry elf. This clip basically sums up my encounter with any flying stinging insect (except I’d be Buddy, and the stinging prey would be Miles. AAAAAnd […]

Gooey Parmesan Garlic Knots


 If I was given the option to pick what my heaven would look like, it would consist of  naan bread clouds decorated in Indian shenanigans and a never-ending platter of this pork n slaw. And probably a bunch of other stuff too, if i’m being perfectly honest.  I know….. I sound a little full of my recipe here. But guess […]

Indian Smoked Barbecue Pork N Slaw