my lavender blues


Holy Man Colds. If i’ve ever accused any male of having one, my most sincere apologies as I’ve been fighting one myself for the last thirty days and if you didn’t actually know me you would think that I had contracted the plague due to my inability to function on a simple sneeze and cough. […]

Roasted Potato and Garlic Spinach Salad


  With Valentines Day too quickly approaching – and if you’re in the same mindset as me – you’re probably trying to find the most affective bridge to throw yourself off of. Kidding, you will more than likely find me outside the nearest liquor store  brown paper bagging my emotions in hopes to pick up an equally disturbed human […]

Chorizo & Hash Egg Skillet


  I feel like the title is  mouthful enough that I am going to spare you on a story / rant that would probably (more than likely) be about my soft spots, cold weather (ummm December is supposed to be cold? Like we live in the midwest… what?…..), and my cobweb of a love life […]

Sweet Potato Ricotta Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sage & Ham Sauce