my lavender blues


It’s the first day of fall here in the confused state of Missouri and I am legit sweating through my clothing (what else is new) as I was a little aggressive getting dressed in my fall gear (aka jeans and a longer shirt to replace my usual short sleeve) in hopes that the weather man (who […]

Simple Cinnamon Pear Sauce & Sliced Pear Tart


I am currently sitting on 28,567 e-mails in my inbox. I’m either absurdly popular or have a problem with signing up for crappy subscriptions that I once planned on opening and literally have never even touched. Unfortunately it is the latter and am wanting to gouge my eyes out every time I look at my […]

Tomato & Spinach Puff Pastry Galette


Pavlova cake aka stacks of meringue layered with whipped cream, blueberry lemon compote and fresh fruit. aka enough said.  I had actually intended on making this layered cloud of sensory perfection for my sister only to have eaten half of it before she could even get her hands on it. I’m basically a child when […]

Layered Pavlova Cake with Lemon Blueberry Compote