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October 18, 2015

A “Better Me” 30 Day Challenge


This was from today at the Harvest Festival in Sculpture Park

This was from today at the Harvest Festival in Sculpture Park

Skinny Cows need to be wiped off the face of this Earth. Or someone needs to bolt the freezer shut at the grocery store whenever I make a food run. I seriously don’t understand why I buy them and think I am only going to eat just one….. Currently going on numero tres while I type. And I am developing a five year olds tummy ache. Hashtag losing. doh. 

With that being said, I have challenged myself to take on the “Whole 30” Challenge. The reason this is in quotes is because I am not going to be following this 100 percent….. so maybe it’s the “Whole Julia” challenge. Or more like “A Better Me” challenge.  Home girl needs both milk, sugar & alcohol in her coffee or affective parenting will just not be an option. 

Kidding about the alcohol. Apparently I need to clarify that or else my husband will use it as bait. Ex husband. Soon to be ex. I don’t even know what to label him as anymore. Evil Knievel. 

Harvest Festival St Louis

Harvest Festival St Louis

The reason why I have decided to take on this challenge started with my obvious weight gain, after losing a lot of weight from divorce anxiety I have begun to gain it all back, and am now heavier than what I was initially before this process began. In turn, seeing that I have been gaining weight has caused me to actually stress eat a lot more which has lead me to unhealthy food choices, sluggishness, multiple naps per day, crater face (zits like whoa), and insomnia. 

I also realize that in about 6 weeks Thanksgiving will be happening and will kick off the season gluttony, excessive drinking and maybe some not so smart choices, I want to be able to participate in all three of those (on occasion) with out feeling like I don’t deserve it. Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited NOT ME. I refuse to be the caca. 

However…. I’ll be kicking this diet challenge off tomorrow….. as I have the weekend to get through and I literally bought the entire shelf of Justins Peanut Butter Cups and have zero self control to not completely devour. Plus they cost 2 bucks a pop so I can’t let them go uneaten. Time is money. That doesn’t really work in this situation but I like to tell myself that…. it…. does……

And.... another one..... I'll be using a lot of these bad boys in my diet.

And…. another one….. I’ll be using a lot of these bad boys in my diet.

Basically I’ll be avoiding all baked sweet goods (shit happens, I may slip once in a while, however I don’t PLAN on messing up). I’ll also be holding off on all breads/pastas. The reason isn’t because I am in any way gluten intolerant, or wanting to be “gluten-free”. It’s more because I have NO self control when it comes to bread. You bake me a loaf? I’ll eat it. No problemo. Same thing with sweets. Ugh. I just ain’t meant to be a skinny bitch. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy.

But during the next 45 days I’ll try to incorporate meals that do my body good! I also will be working out a little harder/dedicating more time at the gym (45 minutes a day…ish. My goals need to be realistic). There are also super good looking men at my gym so the view ain’t half bad. Might as well make the most of it 😉 No but really. I want to do this for ME. Me & only me. I want the best me. We only get once chance, and I should be thanking God for giving this life to me instead of wasting it away by drowning in my own self pity. 

SO on that note…. you should probably join me so we can encourage each other and so you can share recipe ideas with me as I will be tempted to bake pies and cookies and cakes and brownies and now I am eating a brownie. And now I want a cookie. Help.


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