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January 15, 2018

A Wintry Farmers Market // Hunger CONTROLLED

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to get myself and David out this winter on the weekends that we have together (every other). Its usually VERY difficult for me to find an activity outdoors in the freezing cold that doesn’t involve boarding (no mountains in the area) so I’ve taken it upon myself (and forced Pauls hand) into finding a new spot in the city that is fun to capture on film and educational in some way or another. Even if it’s only an hour a day, that’s fine. But an hour of fresh air a day does the body (and mind) good. Or at least mine.

So this last weekend we decided to venture to Soulard Farmers Market here in the city, that clearly sells not locally grown produce (I mean, pineapples and 10 degree weather isn’t a thing) but they also sell live animals, excellent meats and spices! Basically what my dreams are made of ๐Ÿ˜‰

I ended up gathering a ton of ingredients for a feast that evening (i tend to go a little overboard when I’m excited) and cooked the night away. And guys. I managed to NOT eat entire contents of said meal and had enough leftovers to last for TWO days! WHOA. New record.

Which is where this comes in…..

I have been soooo excited to share this post with you guys! But had to wait for obvious reasons (like making sure the product actually worked before spitting out all of this information on ya’ll). And guess what.


I teamed up with Lovida which is a pill that allows you to eat less without feeling hungry. Controlled hunger with SCIENCE. WAHOO. No this isn’t some sort of scam, it’s a product with real results. It has a patented formula with all natural blend of ingredients that uses Gut Sensory Modulation to reduce hunger. Basically say bye bye to over eating, especially during these colder months when all you want to do is stuff your face to stay warm.

Sure, I was a bit skeptical at first, because I always am when someone tells me that there is a product out there that will help you lose weight. I’ve tried them all. And none of them work. Or they work while you take them and then you instantly gain double the amount when you stop. This product is different you guys.

I use it sparingly, when I am in a rut and want to kick off weight loss goals, or if I know I am going to be in front of a ton of poor food choices and can’t currently rely on self control (i’m the worst. you say cupcakes, i say get in my belly). And when I am not using it? Nothing, no weight gain, same self control that I had before I started. The usual. So there is no downside to this supplement. Like at all. Only a plus side.

Pretty cool, huh?


Let me stretch, this isn’t a ‘magic pill’. You ARE what you eat. We all know that. We’ve all been told that ten thousand times over, yet I still, ten thousand times over, can’t say no to ten thousand red velvet cupcakes in front of my face. But I can say no if I’m full enough, and this supplement has done just that.

Take it with breakfast, take it with lunch, you’re good.

Anyways, with my new years goal this has been a huge helping hand in sticking to my eating better type of lifestyle. Which is why I’ve decided to share this knowledge with ya’ll fine folks.

AND even better: lovidia is offering a 20 percent off discount if you order now through the 31st of January! Just use mylavenderblues20 at the check out and you’re good to go!


****ย โ€œThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.โ€

โ€œResults vary based on program adherence. In the LOVIDIA Way study average weight loss was 13.6 pounds and waist circumference reduction was 2.7 inches.โ€


Thank you to Lovidia for allowing me to SAMPLE FIRST and then partnering with me in sponsoring this post. I love being able to share products that work for me with you guys. Tis the season for results!


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