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January 10, 2018

David Eats ICE CREAM // Neighborhood Strolls

so. trying to get better about sharing more lifestyle do-dads on this blog here. why? because I do way more than eat. and i simply LOVE to photograph humans. specifically my tiny human. because he’s adorable. because what child isn’t? okay don’t answer that.


no but really. all of his emotions are wonderfully captured behind a lens: laugh, cry, anger, smiles, curiosity. children can’t hide anything, so much raw/real emotion. it’s wonderful.

anywho. it’s been SO COLD here in st louis. like so cold i cannot deal. i guess i’ve just been away from super cold winters for years now and sort of forgot what they entailed = complete and utter horror.

so this year, to avoid full throttle seasonal depression (guys this is a thing) i’m getting outside as much as i can possibly stand. even it is for only an hour, and during this hour i stop in an ice cream shop down the street because…………… you guys. DAVID REQUESTED ICE CREAM.

it’s a delayed christmas miracle! homeboy has avoided ice cream like the plague claiming that it is FAR too cold for his liking. he requests fully intact hot ice cream, which isn’t exactly a thing. he’s so bizarre when it comes to texture (apparently that was/is me) and temperature of all food. not too hot, not too cold, jusssst right. a little goldylockens on my hand.

so naturally, we went inside Clemintines Creamery (they have both naughty and nice ice cream. naughty = maple bourbon = to die for. and nice = pumpkin gooey butter cake = holy. cannoli.) anyways we ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. just kidding i had to finish his because the ice cream started to melt through the bottom of his cone. this is also how you know he does not eat ice cream often. he bit the bottom of the cone to kick off his ice cream extravaganza.

first class, one way to puddle town in under ten minutes. oh wells. you live and you learn.

Also, for those who have asked. Everything David is wearing is from Zara Kids! and it’s current / probably on sale 🙂 My favorite children clothing, hands down. My coat is from Athleta and jeans are from somewhere. oh and they both are two years old. yay. oh wait, that striped shirt is a pj top on super sale at madewell. three cheers for bargains!

links for gear: shot using nikon d750. sigma lens 35mm  f/1.4 dg hsm art series.

i also recently switched from nikon d610, which i really enjoyed (anything on my blog before this article was shot with that camera body). in the perfect world, where the wine is always a flowing, i would have loved to have upgraded to the new d850 because i hear its a freaking gem however, in my current reality, only the boxed wine is overflowing so i traded in my old body along with a lens for the 750. this way, it was like it never happened. free 99.


  1. Helen says:

    you guys are freaking adorable. my son also is the same way with ice cream or any type of icing as well! it’s crazy how funny kids are. if they only knew what they were missing out on! I guess our little secret 🙂

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