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February 28, 2018

February Life Update


I honestly just titled this as an update because I had no idea what else to call it. Couldn’t title it just “February” though, but I guess thinking about it now, I probably could have since I basically posted…. oh I don’t know… maybe two times this month? Perhaps less. The thought of just scrolling backwards to check sounds daunting. Plus I’ll have to dig into the dark days of the flu amongst the cold, and other negative postings…. *insert depressing violin music here*.

But I’ve been living. Not like the kind of l-i-v-i-n you see on IG that gets you all jealous and stuff because your feed is currently blowing up with tropical drinks, and beaches, and blow up popsicle rafts. I mean I’ve been breathing, and managing to get up in the morning, get myself dressed, and go into work. But gash darnnet I have been SO TIRED. Like zombie tired.

What is zombie tired you may ask? Well in my mind it’s doing your everyday routine but feeling like somehow you’ve misplaced your head. Or your brain. It feels like someone has inflated my head with laughing gas and removed all the smarts. Sounds like I’m drunk actually.

Negative, bro.

Anywho I’ve been slacking on the vitamins, especially post sickness (you would think this would have the opposite affect on one who gets sick, to supplement more, but my routine gets super thrown off and I just stop cold turkey). BUT I decided to harass the poor sales associate at Whole Foods and had her supplement the living crap out of me. Say buh-bye to zombie status and hello to this new speed demon. And if any of the vitamins actually have a positive affect on me with a much noticeable difference, I’ll be sure to let you know. But for now, I’ll be your guniea pig, taking one for the team. Someones gotta do it.

What else…… OH. I’m heading to Montana in a few weeks for a portfolio trip! Wahoo. Also why I need to get my health back in check and praying that with a healthy-ish diet, lifestyle, blah blah, I will be 100 percent good to go come game time. I’ll be heading up a little early for some work (because you know I always need to find a way justify any trip) and will be staying in some ridiculous air BNB that I’ll be sharing with you all post trip. Sort of reminds me of the cabin Heidi lived in…… yes…. there is a movie called, “Heidi” (circa 1993, not the 1937 original) that probably most of you won’t understand my reference to. So if you’re in the mood to completely bore yourself, I highly recommend this film.

And I feel like that is probably the end to my life updates. David keeps getting bigger, and his new word for me is ‘fart knocker’. So that’s super.

Paul, well. There’s a lot I could say about him but the stories on my instagram sum him up in a nutshell. He still likes me and holds my hand, sometimes only my pinky, but that’s okay too.

And here are some incredibly random photos from the last couple of weeks that I saturate on my social media platforms. Yes. You should go ahead and follow me too if you’re thinking I don’t have a pulse. I am constantly updating on my social medias.

Eating at Pastaria in St Louis

Lone Elk Park



Forest Park


  1. Cait-Lin-Hairs says:

    Hit up Glacier if you’ve got time/nearby! It’s gawgeous!

  2. Hahhhahahahahaa Fart knocker. Lololololol LOSING IT

  3. Enjoyed this life update! Especially the part about l-i-v-i-n-g….I feel ya…some days I’m living with a capital “L” and other days it’s pure survival..yesterday was one of those days for me, so today I started my day by treating myself to an iced coffee…it’s the little things. Hope ya enjoy turning a new page on that calendar!

    • Julia Calleo says:

      ahhh yes, i totally get that!! i am starting to find joy in the littlest of things, whether it just be matching socks, or a good latte. now that’s l-i-v-i-n (though some sunshine wouldn’t hurt ;))

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