my lavender blues

January 2, 2018

New Year, Favorite Things.



it’s FREEZING. but i’ll talk about that another time because my brain is too cold to process any other thoughts than my original idea.

sooo anyways. this is new. sort of. it’s been a while since i’ve done a post like this. i’m talking like years. and this blog has only been around for barely years soooo basically this is new. are you picking up what i’m putting down?

basically i’m a freak when it comes to routine. total freak. to the point where i have to try really really really really really hard to be okay when things mess up my routine and be more accepting of the fact that not everyone likes to shut the hell up in the morning when drinking coffee. ahem. i’m working on being more accepting of things that happen outside of my routine, really am. reeeeeeallllyyyyy am trying. just have to remind myself to try in the moment. work in progress.

but i’m also a freak when it comes to things i love that are part of my routine and/or every day life. i don’t have money pouring out of my pockets, but i do spend money on things that work. and when they don’t work i regift them 🙂 probably to my sister 🙂 🙂 or my mom 🙂 🙂 🙂 or to the lovely store i purchased it from 🙂 🙂 🙂

any who i’ve had a lot of you ask about certain things that i use (products, my favorite reads, skin hacks, etc) and i had enough of you asking that i decided to create a post showing just that. and where you can purchase said things.

so basically, here are things that i have made PART of my routine or things that i am LOVING this month. i’ve linked the corresponding numbers with the websites on where you can purchase. of course i tried finding them ALL on amazon for selfish affiliate reasons however not all of them are on there , sigh. but anyways this is a totally UNSPONSORED post with my totally biased opinions 🙂

  1. j crew fleece. i’ve worn this thing to death and will continue to wear it until i’m old and gray. its a blanket. but a cute and cozy one that is socially acceptable and replaces your snuggie.
  2. clarins healthy glow booster. seriously love love love love love this stuff. ive been using it for almost a year and am obsessed at what it does for my skin. it creates a nice glow and works dependent on what your current skin color is at. so currently i’m casper and this gives me a little bit of life. it makes me appear to be the outdoorsy type while i’m sipping on tea indoorsy. basically you just add a couple of drops to your moisturizer in the AM and off you go looking like your more fabulous self. also i have super sensitive skin and this doesn’t make me break out. winning.
  3. vital proteins collagen peptides. yeah it’s good. i was skeptical but bought it after reading thousands of reviews. and i really like it. my skin is currently the best its ever been and id like to think this has totally contributed. also its great for hair, nails and joints. i just add one scoop to my coffee in the morning and i’m good to go (it’s flavorless).
  4. big magic. by elizabeth gilbert. also the author of Eat, Pray, Love. so if you are familiar with her, you’ll love this. or if you just are in a place where you’re like WTF am i doing with my life. i suggest this book. i’ve got a bazillion ideas, always, because my mind doesn’t know how to cue and be quiet, and so this has totally helped me put my thoughts into action!
  5. glopro microneedling roller. aka a self torture device. but you know what they say. pain is beauty. okay this was one of my most expensive purchases, especially for skincare. except the reviews for this device were INSANE and peoples results were even better. really really great for those fine little lines, uneven skin tone and collagen production. you use this device about twice a week (i can’t use it more than that because i have the most sensitive skin in the world) and follow it up with your favorite skin care (currently i use my retinol followed by biossance vita c serum that’s listed below). anyways its been about three weeks and holy smokes! the difference in my skin is amazing. i usually hate my skin in the winter so adding this to my routine has been a total bonus and can’t wait to see my results over the next several months.
  6. biossance squaline + vitamin c rose oil serum. it’s a mouthful. but it’s a wonderful mouthful and has been so incredibly kind to my dehydrated skin this winter. i use it every day, twice a day. in the morning after my toner and i add a couple of the healthy glow drops that i mentioned earlier in it. i also use it in the evening after my microneedling/retinol session. and every evening when i don’t torture my face. the best part is that with my super sensitive skin i do NOT break out from this. and it’s all natural. which i of course love when all natural products actually work 🙂
  7. the republic of tea: cardamom cinnamon. great ala carte. great with whiskey. just pure greatness. the flavor is bold but not overwhelming. ever since my appendix removal i cut down completely on my espresso intake and have replaced that with a cup of tea. and this tea has allowed me not to miss my overdoing it on caffeine midday 🙂 i just stick to my two cups in the AM and look forward to this every afternoon.
  8. the sweat app. do you hate working out but also want a superb body // confidence to flaunt yo stuff at the beach? i know i know. beauty is on the inside is what counts for most. but it also feels really really great to finally find a work out program that i actually LIKE and don’t have to shell out the big bucks for. no personal trainer, just the app. and i love it. i really do. i currently am on the power regimen which is less cardio movement and more toning using light weights (or you may use heavy weights, but i just want baby muscles). i also have doubled this routine with my healthier recipes and the outcome is huge. remember diet is 80 percent in the kitchen, and 20 percent in the gym. or something like that. and the more i’ve begun to take care of myself the more i’ve actually enjoyed going to the gym and eating well. so try this!

and that’s a wrap. here’s to an already awesome you. but now an even better awesome you.


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  2. Hilary says:

    I’ve heard of BBG but never tried the sweat app! Do you really like t more than BBG? Or have you tried both? About to order that roller – I’ve also heard awesome things. Thanks for sharing this with us!!!!

  3. Tess says:

    Ahhh that book is so good, Im about halfway through. I was curious about that dermaroller and now think I’m going to try it out! Thanks for your recs … happy new year !

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