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October 5, 2015

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

I hope your weekend was as smashing as mine. 

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ha. Not funny.

However I did get fairly smashed. Almost as smashed as the potatoes you see pictured. However post smashing was filled with cream filled doughnuts, hot dogs and doritos and apparently some other crumb I couldn’t identify when I woke up this morning. 

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

I complain all of the time how this weight I am putting on is coming out of NOWHERE. I think maybe this should be a big clue. Way to go Julia, always keeping it classy.

I tend to over do my nights out, which rarely happen due to the fact that I don’t like to go out and call for a  babysitter can’t afford a babysitter on weekends when my son is in my care, and then every other weekend when he isn’t I cook and bake like a fool and then hit the hay fairly early. But on occasion, I do go out. And this weekend, I did just that. And I absolutely over did it. I would like to share every little detail with you however most of it is embarrassing and I feel enough shame on my own thank you very much.

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

I am now stuffing my face with leftover smashed potatoes that I had made yesterday and am loving every bit of it and it’s alcohol soaking wonders that is going on in my belly right meow. 

The best part of these fingerling cuties is that they are not only healthy but are also kid approved. My son made zero raspberries once consumed….. Good sign. I may or may not have had to smother it in ketchup to get him to keep it down…….whatever.

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

All you need to do is boil these bad boys and then smash them with the palm of your hand (or back of a spoon) brush them with a little bit of olive oil, fresh herbs and you’re done. It is that simple! And aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and belly of course) always a bonus.

Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

I hope you have a smashing time.

Okay I’ll stop.


Rosemary Parmesan Smashed Potatoes
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 lb fingerling potatoes
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Fresh Rosemary sprig
  • ¼ cup grated parmesan
  1. First in a large pot, add your potatoes & cover with water (about 2 inches above potatoes) and boil for about 25 minutes until potatoes are soft (can easily poke a knife through it)
  2. When your potatoes are done, remove from water and let them drain for about 5 minutes so they dry out. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  3. Next using the palm of your hand or back of spoon - smash potatoes on baking sheet (but don't overdo it so they don't break)
  4. add fresh rosemary, garlic powder, sprinkle salt & pepper over each one (less is more you can always taste and add more when they are done) and then brush tops with olive oil
  5. Place in oven for 10 mins and then flip over and brush a little more olive oil on top and let them roast for an additional 15 minutes. Sprinkle parmesan on top and let them roast for another 2 minutes.
  6. Remove from oven and then carefully remove from baking sheet (some will probably break, but it still will look pretty) serve immediately!

  1. Julia says:

    Thank you thank you! And the method is incredibly easy which makes it even more of a tasty dish 🙂 Feeling MUCH better 😉

  2. This looks like a gorgeous way to serve potatoes! Potatoes get a bad name from being badly cooked, but can be amazing as well – it looks like you have nailed the latter here. Hope you are feeling better too from your night out! 🙂

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