my lavender blues


First things first, i’m keeping my half promise. sort of like telling a half truth. which we all sort of know is a lie…… but then maybe this is a partial promise kept. i told you i would be posting 1-2 times a week. this is 1 of 2, and i can guarantee you there […]

Summer Vegetable & Pork Zoodle Ramen

My Lavender Blues


This last weekend teaser of 80 degree springtime weather? Holy nuts and bolts. We’re screwed.  Or if anyone else’s upper lip is perspiring just thinking about this past weekend then you are not alone. Welcome to the beginning of six months worth of pure cheese sweats. It’s only downhill from here. Unless someone comes up with scented air conditioned […]

Pesto Shrimp, Broiled Tomatoes and Zoodles


I sunbathed today. Yes. It was glorious. And it was only an hour, because it was during work lunch and because I didn’t want to turn into a total raisin. Homegirl is going to be 30 this year. Gotta start ironing out the wrinks before my pruning becomes permanent. Any who. I’m trying to be less lame […]

Zoodles with Clams in a Spicy Coconut Milk & Black Garlic Sauce


Dating apps. Thoughts? I decided to give it a go as a little experiment, as I am constantly knocking them without ever actually trying it out. Putting my money where my mouth is. And so far: Every. Single. Person who does an Iron Man is single. Or every single man on this app has done […]

Yakizozba (Healthier Yakisoba and Zoodles)


Whew, that Kris Kringle sure knows how to dine and dash. Hot damn did this Christmas/Holiday season go by super fast (don’t worry I am fully aware that New Years Eve has still yet to pass, but since it usually involves shit hitting the fan I rather click ignore and pretend like it is just another […]

Healthy Beef Pho with Zucchini Noodles (Pho’zoodle)


    Jicama, NOT pronounced “Ja-Caaama”. Which I totally butchered in the grocery store, how embarrassing. I had a good feeling my pronunciation was way off when the man behind me at check out was smirking. Thanks a-hole. At least help a brother out and correct me so I don’t sound like a clueless nerd-bomber who lives in […]

Jicama Goat Cheese Rawvioli Salad