my lavender blues


First things first, i’m keeping my half promise. sort of like telling a half truth. which we all sort of know is a lie…… but then maybe this is a partial promise kept. i told you i would be posting 1-2 times a week. this is 1 of 2, and i can guarantee you there […]

Summer Vegetable & Pork Zoodle Ramen

My Lavender Blues


I sunbathed today. Yes. It was glorious. And it was only an hour, because it was during work lunch and because I didn’t want to turn into a total raisin. Homegirl is going to be 30 this year. Gotta start ironing out the wrinks before my pruning becomes permanent. Any who. I’m trying to be less lame […]

Zoodles with Clams in a Spicy Coconut Milk & Black Garlic Sauce


As I was binge watching some stand up with my coffee, as I do most mornings to start the day off right, Louis CK really pulled on a couple of my heart strings. (yes I realize that this isn’t always the norm, most start with a giant dose of depressing reality of current events, whereas I prefer a […]

Zucchini & Turkey Coconut Milk Alfredo Bake


Help. Me. What the flying pig is with my allergies right now. Seriously. The minute I hopped off the plane in St. Louis it felt like as if my nose was a lamp post filled with moths. Slight exaggeration (but not really). Think about it. That would literally slay the feather in a tickling nose contest. […]

Indian Summer Grilled Fish Tacos


Reason # 100,000 why I absolutely hate having a website: I don’t understand how the internet works, let alone, a computer. And whenever there is even the smallest little problem with my website (if you follow me on social media, I basically was dying a slow death of mini heart attacks throughout the last 24 hour […]

Summer Zucchini Pesto Lasagna