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September 16, 2017

Urban Glamping & a New Lens

Nope, not my usual food post.

But you guys, I do other things than just make food every hour on the hour.

hard to believe, but it’s true. i wake up, i fix a pot of coffee. a decently sized pot because homegirl can’t physically breathe without it.

and sometime within waking up and getting to work i will have eaten three breakfasts.

breakfast # 1 : while pot of coffee is brewing, stand in front of fridge and eat cold contents of whatever was leftover from previous day/night/week old/as long as its not molding – we good-

breakfast # 2: ┬ámake a healthy breakfast that basically will set the tone of the day so i don’t make any more poor choices

breakfast #3: discover a half eaten bar of something fabulous that i need to pick the dirt off of in the car on the way to work that i obviously left there for emergency purposes (temptation is an emergency) and eat it all and feel super guilty and kinda of gross until lunch.

and then the rest of my meals pretty much go the same way. super exciting.

any who. this day my evening ended a little differently. i decided to be super outdoorsy and go camping. or i guess glamping. because i pitched tent outside on my deck, and as soon as the mosquitoes started biting i was inside like a cat on a hot tin roof. but we did manage to attempt to roast some mallows before the blood suckers got outta hand.

OH. Also. new lens who dis.

i’m a little obsessed with the sigma Art series that sigma has going on lately…. anyone else!? NO. this is NOT a sponsored post. like not even in the slightest (i wish).

but i must brag….. sigma art has me totally hooked. why?

lower price point with amazing quality.

need i say more?


anyways i’ve also decided to change up my editing techniques a lil bit (and taking a 6 week intensive class next week on actual photography // post processing) and am SUPER excited to share with ya’ll the knowledge that I have gained over the last couple of weeks, and the knowledge i will gain over the next 1 1/2 months! seriously. i plan on doing a couple of video tutorials of my most favorite presets that i have created (yes, the videos will come at a price, but an INCREDIBLY small one. seriously. the cost will be less than your average preset, but instead will come with an actual tutorial on how a preset is created, which in my personal opinion is the better end of the shtick).

okay… that’s all folks.

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