my lavender blues


Nope, not my usual food post. But you guys, I do other things than just make food every hour on the hour. hard to believe, but it’s true. i wake up, i fix a pot of coffee. a decently sized pot because homegirl can’t physically breathe without it. and sometime within waking up and getting […]

Urban Glamping & a New Lens


  Okay, SO I wouldn’t quite even label this as a “staycation” however my son and I are dog sitting (literally only 15 minutes away and it looks like I packed for an exotic vacation) and we are staying in an actual home…. with a yard…  comfortable bedroom(s) (however we are currently sharing the bed) […]

“Easy” like Sunday Mornings


  Today we ventured to  Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park in Wildwood, Missouri. Well, we didn’t quite really get into adventure mode. David (or DW) had been sleeping in the car ride over so the first twenty minutes after actually getting to our final destination, homeboy was still in zombie mode and refused to […]

Wildwood Missouri Adventures (Toddler Style)