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May 22, 2020

Cured Eggs

I did it, I am doing it you guys. I’m posting, again. I don’t even know if I would consider my last recipe a post, because it just involved pouring whiskey into a cup of your choosing, and to fill it to the rim. And I guess, I would hardly call this one a post as well because you literally just make a sandbox of salt and sugar and bury egg yolks and let them do their thing for however long you’d like (well I mean, at least 6 days).

Or you can be like me, totally forget that you have them sitting in your fridge (actually not forget, stare at them, and decide, newp, not today, I don’t feel like moving my limbs) and let them cure for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. This is terrible to admit, but I do the same thing with my leftovers that are clearly going to be uneaten. I’ll let them sit in their container for upwards of a month, maybe even two, until I can see a new creature growing and just toss the entire thing because God knows what beastly smell will be casted upon my nostrils once the lid is popped.


Abso-fahking-lutely. (pardon my french).

Anyways hope you are all surviving the mental health pandemic we are all trying to get through (on top of the physical pandemic) bc in my honest opinion I am pretty sure there is no drug strong enough to help this thing out.

*Grateful for Alcohol*

But here is a cure that we can all actually rely on these days. Simple & cheap, just like my dating life:

Cured Eggs

Why would you make them you ask? Because they’re absolutely delicious and packed with SO MUCH FLAVOR. Also they last in a sealed container in the fridge for at least 30 days (I mean, I like to push the limits on my insides sometimes and see how long I can use something until it destroys me, so there technically could be a longer shelf life). Also these suckers go a LONG way. Up your boring olive oil and bucatini game (recipe to come) and just grate one of these suckers right on top. Voila.

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Cured Eggs
Recipe type: Garnish
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Replace the hard cheese with jam packed in flavor Cured Egg yolks. Easy to make!
  • 2½ cups kosher salt
  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 6 large egg yolks
  1. In medium sized bowl mix together your salt and sugar.
  2. Next in a baking dish add half of your salt/sugar mixture and level it out.
  3. Next using the back of a spoon make 6 indentations into the mixture (this will be the nest that'll hold your yolks)
  4. Carefully add an egg yolk to each depression.
  5. Next slowly pour over the remaining salt/sugar mixture over each yolk until they are buried.
  6. Cover dish tightly with plastic wrap and place in your fridge where you'll let the eggs cure for at least 6-8 days.
  7. Once eggs have cured, remove from fridge, and filling a large bowl with water, carefully remove each egg yolk and dip them into the water to clean off the salt/sugar. Pat with a paper towel to try.
  8. Line a baking sheet with foil and place a well greased wire rack on top of baking sheet.
  9. Preheat oven to 150 degrees (or in my case, my oven only goes down to 200, so I cracked it open using a wooden spoon, this way the eggs dried out, vs cooking).
  10. Align eggs on top of rack and place into the oven for about an hour.
  11. Remove eggs from oven and store in an air tight container for up to a month!
  12. Use on top of salads, pastas, really any dish you'd like to brighten up the flavor!





  1. Samantha says:

    Beautiful! Your gutsy and honest in your writing and posts and I love that! Please don’t change to just posting the perfect moment…the picture perfect life. Those posts are boring and fake! Keep up the great work!

    PS I’ll be making these this week! The kids will love this process. Fantastic teaching moment 😉

    • Julia Calleo says:

      Wow thank you SO Much for that, sometimes I never know if I’m being too honest, or maybe too dark haha. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I’ll try to keep up with my posts more this month! And good luck with the eggs!!! The kids can have fun playing with the sugar and salt too beforehand 🙂

    • Julia says:

      Thanks so much Samantha!!! Your words are so encouraging and hopefully I’ll keep up with the posting then 🙂 Hope you and the kiddos enjoy making the eggs!!!!

  2. Carie says:

    Just started mr today! I figure why not, can’t wait thanks

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